Back again…

Hello, void.

So consider this a reintroduction, as I’ll be posting here again. A lot has changed in five years… Ugh, what an awful cliche, and no one cares.

To make it real, here’s a brief list of things I’d like this blog to focus on in the future. (We’ll see if this is tragic or prophetic.)

  • the freelance writing life
  • the fiction writing life
  • writing tips in general, for freelance or other writers
  • LGBT issues
  • progressive politics
  • New Orleans life
  • animals, specifically dogs

I think that’s it. Harvard researchers say that writing down your goals ensures that you’ll achieve them. That’s hopefully true here.

Oh, wait. Apparently, announcing your intentions means you’re less likely to complete them? Shit.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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