About the Shrew

shrew (n) :
1. “small mammal,” O.E. screawa “shrew-mouse.”
2. “peevish, malignant, clamorous, spiteful, vexatious, turbulent woman” [Johnson] c.1386, from earlier sense of “spiteful person” (male or female), c.1250, traditionally said to derive from some supposed malignant influence of the animal, which was once believed to have a venomous bite and was held in superstitious dread.

Synonyms: amazon, battle-ax, bitch, calumniator, carper, dragon, fire-eater, fishwife, fury, harpy, harridan, hell cat, hellion, hussy, madcap, muckraker, nag, ogress, scold, she-wolf, siren, spitfire, termagant, tigress, virago, vixen, wench

I am a writer of speculative fiction, a rabid reader of books, a maker of Victorian-inspired steampunk jewelry, an unapologetic feminist, a traveler, a cat lover, and a scholar.

This blog features book reviews of LGBT speculative fiction (that’s fantasy and science fiction with LGBTQ characters), stories about life as a freelance web writer, interesting tidbits on writing and geekery found on the web, and the occasional cat picture. Though the Shrew tries to stay away from M/M romance novels, some may appear. The blog also features author biographies and book recommendations.


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